Noemi Cortizas

What is CMF design?

I like to explain CMF design as UX design but for analogical products. :)

Colors, materials and finishes design is at the center of our work, therefore we work in the functional and emotional attributes of the products. The objective? Find the perfect balance of beauty and functionality which makes a product unique. To do so, we collaborate closely with the marketing, technical and production teams of a brand or business.

How do
I work?

I always adapt to my customer's needs...

Sometimes they want me to help them identify the materials and technologies that best fit their function, aesthetics and technical needs (requirement boards, standards, etc.). Thereafter, I accompany them in applying these solutions in the manufacture of their product.

Some clients may require that I work more closely with their teams. Work on the benchmarking and identify consumer trends. Translate this information into a visual and transversal moodboard. And help them create a strategy and a CMF palette that would be worth for the next 3-5 years (which is the duration of most major trends).

Thus as you can see CMF can help you to create not only amazing products but also sustainable ones. :)