Noemi Cortizas

I am Noemi Cortizas, a transversal industrial designer and engineer. My main interest are sustainability, CMF and materials innovation.

My clients say that I do "sparkling" & down to earh design.

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MARI. The "Ugly Duck" tale of a recycled material.

MARI is crafted for durability and customization through various finishes, drawing its visually striking aesthetics from optical illusions present in art and architecture. Its name MA.R.I. came from the words of MADERA (Wood in spanish), R (Recycled) and I (innovative).

Betanzos HB requested that I design a piece of furniture that would enhance the value of their panels (Tablex) made from recycled wood fibers. Although these panels have been available for over two decades, they have primarily been utilized as storage dividers or placed beneath furniture to protect flooring. These applications did not fully harness the potential of this sustainable material.

Hence, their request was, "Please develop a product that encourages people to envision more upscale applications than the options currently available. As a result, MARI, a versatile circular furniture piece, came into existence.