Noemi Cortizas

I am Noemi Cortizas, a transversal industrial designer and engineer. My main interest are sustainability, CMF and materials innovation.

My clients say that I do "sparkling" & down to earh design.

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Premium surface for cosmetic packaging using recycled resins.

A drawback of post-consumer recycled resins is the inability to achieve high-quality surface finishes due to the plastic recycling process itself, making it nearly impossible to obtain exceptional finishes with 100% PCR resins.

However, Roctool's patented "Heat & Cool" technology enables them to nearly flawlessly replicate mold surfaces using even 100% post-consumer recycled resins without any virgin plastic. This eliminates the need for painting the component, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Consequently, I have been entrusted with designing and creating high-end textures, along with intricate graphics for engraving their mold, elevating the surface quality of recycled plastic products to new heights.