Noemi Cortizas

I am Noemi Cortizas, a transversal industrial designer and engineer. My main interest are sustainability, CMF and materials innovation.

My clients say that I do "sparkling" & down to earh design.

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  • Le Boiti3r Exploded View
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Le Boiti3R. Reuse, Refill, Recyclable.

he ideal waste is the one that has not yet been produced. With this in mind, PVL Beauté assigned me the responsibility of creating a fully customizable cosmetic packaging that is suitable for all shades and types of makeup products, while also being robust and long-lasting. Utilizing a zamak structure as the foundation, I developed a detachable decorative cover and a makeup container system that enables users to customize their packaging. This allows them to take ownership of it and form an emotional connection. The design is crafted in such a way that users with multiple containers can easily store and transport them when traveling.

In this project, my tasks involved selecting colors and materials, generating concept ideas, designing the product and its various applications, and overseeing its development.