Noemi Cortizas

I am Noemi Cortizas, a transversal industrial designer and engineer. My main interest are sustainability, CMF and materials innovation.

My clients say that I do "sparkling" & down to earh design.

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  • Recyc Leather Finish 01
  • Recyc Leather Finish 02
  • Recyc Leather Finish 03

Hybrid cmf design for premium cosmetic packaging and consumer goods.

By utilizing a hybrid approach that combines thermoforming and plastic injection technologies, I experimented with developing a material made from recycled leather

This leather waste is sourced from the offcuts of clothing and accessories and does not contain any plastics. The potential use for this material in high-end accessories like phone cases or premium packaging was evident; I just needed to determine the most effective way to produce a ready-to-market product through a near one-shot process. To achieve this, I delved into hybrid two-phased molding technologies that allowed me to combine the leather with post-consumer recycled resins.

After collaborating iteratively with both technology and material providers, I successfully produced a remarkable prototype product. It is important to note that the identical shapes of all components resulted from the limited availability of molds during the trial process.