Noemi Cortizas


Recycling the solid waste of beer brewing.

#materialresearch #circulareconomy #ecodesign #biomaterials



3-4 million tones of spent grain are produced in Europe each year due to the beer production. And this quantity is only taking into account "small breweries" and not the industrial ones. Even though there are interesting projects to revalue this waste to be used as animal food, fertilizer and so on I wanted to go further to create more interesting products. Therefore, with the brewers from "Laugar" (Bilbao) and "BapBap" (Paris) and their "beer waste", I worked on a biodegradable and rigid material, to be used for the design of different products (like stools, external packaging, etc).

NOTE: This project was selected for the Europe Conference and Exhibition for a more sustainable future.

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