Noemi Cortizas

TGV Oceanne

Adaptable 1st Class Seat.

#transport #industrialdesign #interiors #cmfdesign



The TGV Oceanne was a seat with a lot of novelties for the 1st class. In fact, it was something new with a lot of new concepts not yet done by the customer. This seat rotates, thus making sure the passenger faces the train's direction of movement. But it has also a lot of extras (the mirror, the tray, bands, foldable hangers, etc). It was a huge team effort to give life to this seat, lots of new things, shapes and mechanisms that needed to be designed, developed and manufactured.

The challenges of this project (from a CMF perspective ) were the metal alloys that would need to adapt to the complex shapes, but also the mechanisms, the fabrics and the foams which were selected and improved based of a requirements chart given by the SNCF.

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