Noemi Cortizas

City of Rennes Subway's Interior

Design of thesubway's interior and technical development.

#transport #interior #industrialdesign


City of Rennes

Siemens Mobility

Based on a design brief provided by the client. I worked on the form, the mechanics and the materials. The Rennes's subway was a complex project where everything have been studied in order to obtain an innovative design solution within the limits of a tight economical budget and strict design requirements (no visible and/or accessible screws, "light" visuals with no hard masses, ergonomics, etc). Special mention to the mechanics of the unfolding seats, which is a system designed to withstand critical forces, composed by an steel alloy shaft and a titanium alloy gear designed in an ingenious way to preserve the shape of the seat's side streamline. An example of what happens when design and mechanics go hand in hand from the beginning.

Other topics studied, in addition to mechanics and the design, were the fabrics used on the seats. Their design and development followed a strict list of features needed by the customer.

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