Noemi Cortizas


Sustainable electronics with premium finishes.

#cmfdesign #productdesign #recycling

PCR Resins are polymers obtained from recycling plastics. These plastics can come from industry or households. Normally PCR resins loose some of their appeal after injected therefore sometimes it is needed to add some virgin resins. Which is not the case with Roctool.

The customer, Roctool, asked me to design a housing for a smartTV router. The product would use recycled plastic and needed to showcase the amazing performance of Roctool's heat & mould technology for creating amazing surface and sleek shapes to give the recycled plastic a new appeal. In this project I worked on the concept, the 3D model and the design of a visually appealing surface. Thus the customer recieved a product ready to inject. In other words, I worked from the basic idea to the final design ready to be manufactured.

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