Noemi Cortizas

Circular design for the fashion industry

Design of sustainable products and circular material research.

NOTE: This project has been granted an EU financial aid.

#materialresearch #productdesign #circulareconomy #ecodesign



Auchan Retail

The main problem with fast fashion is the rhythm to which consumers buy new clothes and discard the old ones. In fact, if we pile up all the discarded clothes (only in the USA) we could do a tower 37 times the height of the "Empire State Building". Therefore, I worked on a composite material using discarded clothes. The challenge of this project resided in the type of clothes that were to be used to manufacture this material. Because if 100% cotton clothes have found their way to become recycled materials, the clothes with a mix of polyester, nylon and/or elastane do not have a viable solution.

The material was launched to the market (2021). Since then, I have been working on the design of several types of products and developing color variations based on target market trends.

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